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17 Apr 2018 12:06 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

A fairy-tale Sant Jordi

A lot of great things start with a “once upon a time”, and this is also de case for the celebration of Sant Jordi in Catalonia (Saint George in English). Every April 23, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns are filled with roses, books and lovers, that stroll around in the search of the best present for their significant other, which tradition says it has to be a book and/or a rose. But where does this come from? Let us tell you a story. 

There is a legend of how a dragon terrorised a small village called Montblanc, while the locals had to feed it. After the beast had already eaten the cattle, they started to randomly select people to become dragon food. And one sad day it was the princess’ turn. However, when she was about to be devoured, a knight appeared and killed the dragon. Guess what? It was Sant Jordi with his lance. And the legend also says that the blood of the dragon turned into a rose bush full of red roses, from which Sant Jordi picked one and offered it to the princess as a proof of love. It might not be the best ending for the dragon, but it was a good one for Montblanc and the princess.

This story has become the basis of the celebration of every April 23: Sant Jordi, which is also World Book Day. Schools and most towns and cities in Catalonia hold writing contests and encourage everyone to read more. In Barcelona, the streets are full of book stands and flowers stands, and writers are signing their books all around the city. All the activities translate into a day dedicated to love and literature, which we believe is great. That's why at Villa Emilia we want to join this wonderful celebration. 

As tradition marks, we will be giving roses to all our guests and we will also offer cava, because it's always better to toast for love and culture than to kill dragons. 

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