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19 Mar 2018 13:14 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

Easter in Barcelona with Villa Emilia

Easter is synonymous with spring holidays for many people, and visiting Barcelona in spring is a great option. The weather starts to improve and it is neither too hot nor too cold, which is quite nice if you have to walk around the city. In addition, you can begin to enjoy the terraces at noon and recharge batteries soaking up the sun. We recommend you to go to the terrace of Villa Emilia, because not only you will be able to enjoy the good weather, but you can also relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle with the city at your feet.

As if the beginning of spring was not a good enough reason to enjoy the city, the start of this new season also coincides with Easter. While Barcelona is not characterized for celebrating this religious festival in a big way, as it happens, for example, in Seville, people who wish to see one can find some processions around the city. Most take place on Good Friday, although one of the most famous and impressive one, the Silence Procession of Badalona, is celebrated on Holy Thursday.

Another advantage of visiting Barcelona in spring and Easter is the food, especially sweets. You can, of course, find the usual cuisine, but you will probably find some different options and, above all, many dishes with cod, since it is the typical fish of the Holy Week in Spain.
However, if you have a sweet tooth you are a lucky one. In any bakery you can find buñuelos de viento (a fried pastry) and, of course, the famous “monas de Pascua” (Easter cakes). In Catalonia the Easter Monday is a public holiday and godparents give these pies to their godchildren. Years ago, the “monas de Pascua” had a ring shape and were made with eggs and sugar. In addition, they have hard-boiled eggs on top. Now, most Easter cakes look similar to a normal cake but have a great elaboration behind and are decorated with eggs and chocolate figures. In most cases, they also include small action figures of the children's favourite characters.

At the Bistrot of Villa Emilia, we want to join the gastronomic celebration of the Holy Week. That's the reason why on April 1 and 2 we will offer Easter eggs during our already popular Brunch. In fact, at Villa Emilia we will offer Easter eggs to all our clients and guests so that everyone has the opportunity to celebrate Holy Week in Barcelona during those two days.


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