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12 Sep 2018 16:00 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

Getaways from Barcelona

In case you are in one of these two situations and you want to discover the surroundings of the city during your visit, we have a list of getaways from Barcelona for you.

Figueres and the Dalí Museum

An hour and a half by car (a little more by public transport), we can find Figueres, a city full of life, and one of the most popular and most visited museums in Catalonia: the Dalí Theater-Museum. A museum dedicated entirely to the well-known surrealist artist and where you can enjoy many of his works. It really is a must see if you go to Figueres.


Girona has one of the most spectacular old towns in Catalonia. So much so, that it even was chosen as the location of some scenes from the popular series Game of Thrones, in addition to many movies. It is a pleasure to get lost in its Jewish quarter, walk following the wall and visit the majestic Gothic Cathedral of Santa María. And we can't forget the Eiffel Bridge (also known as the iron bridge) that crosses the Oñar River and connects the old area with the new one. From there, you can also see the beautiful houses of the Oñar, built next to the river and considered Architectural Heritage of Catalonia. Girona is just over 1h away from Barcelona (even less if you travel by AVE).


Besalú is approximately 1 hour and a half from Barcelona by car. And in just this time you can travel to the past. Besalú is a well preserved medieval town that will transport you to the Middle Ages. Its spectacular entrance and the bridge that leads to it are well known and, in fact, this town was also chosen to shoot some scenes of the sixth season of the series Game of Thrones.


The Montserrat massif is one of the most famous and photographed landscapes in Catalonia, mainly thanks to its unique shape. In addition to a spectacular natural environment, here you will find what many consider to be the most sacred place in the area: the Monastery of Monsterrat and, of course, its "Moreneta". The choir of children singers of the monastery is also very famous and is considered the oldest children's conservatory in Europe. And if you are not that devoted, in addition to making a route around the area, you can visit the museum that has works by great artists, from El Greco to Dalí. The Monastery of Montserrat is an hour's drive from Barcelona.

Santa Coloma de Cervelló y la Colonia Güell

When we think of Gaudí, we think of the Casa Milá, the Casa Batlló, the Sagrada Familia or the Park Güell. But we rarely think of the Colonia Güell in Santa Coloma de Cervelló and, in fact, there are those who describe it as the architect's best kept treasure. Just 20 minutes by car from the Hotel Villa Emilia and about 45 by public transport, you can discover this industrial colony, founded in 1890, with housing for workers of the factory and cultural and religious facilities for them. It is a trip to the past and one of its most spectacular elements is the Gaudí Crypt.


We are sure that a break to discover a new place, coupled with the services and amenities you can find in our Hotel Villa Emilia, will make your stay in Barcelona complete.


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