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22 Aug 2018 09:46 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

How to deal with post-vacation blues

Ah, the holidays... so longed for before they arrive and so hard to finish. We are already in the second half of August and it is likely that many of you have already returned from vacation or that you are about to do so. There may also be someone who has postponed the much-deserved rest for later. Whatever your case may be, here are some tips to help you get back to your routine and overcome those post-vacation blues.


1. Give yourself some time. Plan your return and enjoy your home and your free time. If you have gone on a trip, try coming back a few days before getting back to work. You need some time to organize and mentally prepare yourself for your “back to the routine” moment. Use these days to enjoy your home and make plans with your friends and family.

2. Leave everything you can done before leaving for vacation. It may be a little late for some, but we could't avoid this point. Washing machines and buying some food is all you should have to do when returning from your holidays. There is nothing worse than coming back after a few days out and having to start tidying and cleaning the house.

3. Start getting up earlier gradually as you aproach the end of the holidays. It will help you the first day you have to get up and go to work, since you will be used to getting up early again. Although, truth be told, there are people who never get used to getting up early.

4. Remember the holidays in a healthy way and don't stop doing some of the things you did while you were off. Whether you've been on a trip or not. Going back to work doesn't mean cutting out all the fun of the holidays, especially if it's summer,the days are still longer and the weather is nice.

5. Try going back to the office during the second half of the week. If you go back to work on a Monday, the week will feel incredibly long. So we recommend returning to the office on a Wednesday or Thursday. The proximity of the weekend will make everything better.

6. Don't take too much work the same day you go back to the office. As far as possible, do it gradually. Don't pretend to catch up on everything that has happened during the weeks you've been away as soon as you arrive because it can be stressful.

7. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine, as it could increase the feeling of stress and make it more difficult to return to the routine and deal with work schedules. In the same way, it is also advisable to avoid alcohol, since it can contribute to a lack of concentration and reluctance due to its depressive effect. And a depressive is not what you need to fight against the post-holiday blues.

8. Stay busy: either planning the next trip, printing and framing the most beautiful photos of the last one... whatever you prefer. The goal is not to think about returning to work and the end of the holidays.

9. Don't get obsessed if you find it a bit hard to get back into the routine, it's totally normal. Despite following all these tips that we give you, you may simply be one of those people who find it hard to leave the holidays behind and return to the routine.

10. Remember that it's temporary, you will pick up the rhythm soon and before you know it you will have a few days off to relax.


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