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28 May 2018 09:17 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

Music with views in Villa Emilia

What could be better than enjoying some snacks with a drink in your hand on a beautiful terrace in Barcelona? Well, do this while listening to live music. As every year El Gremi d'Hotels de Barcelona (Association of hotels of Barcelona) organizes The Barcelona Hotel Terrace Week. The 2018 edition will be the eighth one and it will take place between the 1st and 10th of June; so they actually are 10 days and not a week... and we love it. Up to 83 hotels in the city will participate in this edition offering more than 270 free activities, including live music, cooking workshops, synchronized swimming, tastings and children's activities, among others.

The goal of the Terrace Week is, from its beginnings, to bring citizens and hotels together, so that people go to a hotel in their own city and enjoy a little outdoor recreation, leaving stress and routine aside, if only for the duration of the concert or the activity in question.


Week of the terraces in Villa Emilia

Of course, from hotel Villa Emilia and La Terrassa we want to join this initiative to celebrate the arrival of good weather and use this occasion to listen to good live music, which is not surprising when we talk about Villa Emilia.

On Saturday, June 2, we will have Juan Antonio Moya with us, a guitarist from Hospitalet de Llobregat trained at the ESMUC (Superior School of Music of Catalunya) who plays the Spanish guitar in a prodigious way. Moya is the perfect start to your night, with songs from his latest album "Bordón Negro".

On Thursday, January 7, Jero Ferec will be the one performing. A young English guitarist who, despite not having a drop of Spanish blood in his veins, has managed to make a name among the most innovative flamenco guitarists on the current scene. In his performance at La Terrassa in Villa Emilia he will offer a repertoire of flamenco melodies with a chill out touch and will be accompanied by Jesús Campos to the cajón.

The hotel management is well aware that the buildings near the Villa Emilia hotel are residential. It is for this reason that a specific type of music is chosen at an appropriate time to avoid disturbing the rest of the neighbours: instrumental music between 8pm and 10pm. 


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