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29 Mar 2018 07:30 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

Adam Ainouz - Al Pladellorens - Max Villavecchia

Three boys and one passion, the music. 

This Thursday from 7.30 pm we will have for the first time the duo formed by Adam Ainouz and Al Pladellorens

They are two young musicians and students of jazz, united by a strong friendship and connection music. They want to share a warm and varied musical repertoire, formed by versions, with airs gospel, soul, pop and jazz.

¿Where can you enjoy the best of these two musicians if it is not in a place as special as the Zinc Bar of Villa Emilia? 

On Saturday at 7.30 pm the pianist Max Villavecchia is put at the front of the piano of the Zinc Bar. We will enjoy a good Jazz session with one of the musicians who, despite his youth, already enjoys the recognition of the public and the critics.


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