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18 Jan 2018 08:13 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

Must Love Dogs

This is the name of a film but it's also a reality. Love for dogs and animals in general is a feature most pet owners look for when choosing a partner or even friends. But why not look for this when choosing a hotel too? Villa Emilia is a pet-friendly hotel in Barcelona, that welcomes cats and dogs just like they would do with any other guest. In Villa Emilia you will find everything they might need, such as bowls and comfortable pet beds, so you don't have to leave your furry friends home when you travel if you don't want to. 

How to travel with pets?

While we love pets and we are happy to welcome them at Hotel Villa Emilia, there are some things you need to take into consideration before travelling with your cat or your dog. 

When travelling with your pet, it is necessary to have an up to date pet passport with all the information required to enter the country as a certificate of good health. You will need to go to the veterinarian for your cat or your dog to get the passport and all the papers your destination and airline require. The animal also needs to be microchipped. As well as the microchip, it is recommended to attach ID tags to the collar and the carrier of your cat or dog. 

If you are flying to Barcelona from abroad, it is recommended to make sure that your pet is fit enough to fly safely, because it might be a risk for them depending on the age or the breed. You will also have to do some research on the regulations and fees applied, that can vary depending on the airline. Choosing the right carrier is also important to guarantee the comfort of the animal, since it needs to have enough room for your pet to turn around and stand up, and it has to have proper ventilation.

Once all these steps are done, you can focus on making the journey as stress-free as possible for your pet. First of all, you can use the previously mentioned visit to the vet to solve any doubts and concerns you might have regarding the well-being of the animal during the trip. Professional and personalised advise is always the best option.

If your cat or your dog have never travelled before there are many tricks to make it all easier for them. You can keep something familiar with them, such as a blanket or a toy and it will help them calm down. Exercising before the trip is always a good option. Play with your cat or take a walk with your dog so they get tired and it's easier for them to sleep during the journey. However, if your pet gets especially nervous you can try using some scented oils. Some experts recommend using the technique of the positive association with a specific smell, such as lavender oil. You just need to start using it weeks before the flight when doing activities that are pleasant for the animal, and then use it again for the journey. 

After all this is done and you get to Hotel Villa Emilia, you won't have to worry about anything. Your dog or cat will be safe and comfortable and, most important, they will be with you.


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