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18 Jan 2019 09:10 POR KATJA Y ANTOINE

Villa Emilia Bistrot, an example of honest cuisine

A lot has been said about honest cooking in recent years but there are still many people who don't know what this – once abstract - concept means. It is much simpler than it seems and, in fact, it is all about this, about simplicity. The honest cuisine uses fresh products bought in a local market or similar. The chef who follows this method avoids processed foods and knows exactly what everything is and where each ingredient comes from. It is not just going back to basics and a return to natural diversity, it is also an exercise in transparency.

The Bistrot of Villa Emilia and its chefs are an example of honest cuisine in Barcelona. The ingredients that are used and served in our bistro-style restaurant have been personally picked by members of our team that go to the market several times a week. They choose the best seasonal products and, once purchased, we create the menus and dishes that will be offered to our guests. Although it may seem a costly or slow process, this method is, in fact, a guarantee of quality.

At Villa Emilia Bistrot we create two different menus every week for lunch time, which are also available in the evening, with little surprises or extras. All these are simple yet good proposals, with seasonal products typical of the Mediterranean cuisine. In our Bistrot you can find anything you want: from a traditional lentil stew to a vegan burger; from a healthy garden salad to a delicious apple pie or a fantastic tiramisu. There are options and choices available for all tastes and preferences.

Much more than food


It is an obvious fact that we give great importance to the quality of the ingredients and dishes we serve in the Bistrot; but we are also aware that a good meal depends on many other things. It is  - and should be - a sensory experience enjoyable with the five senses.

That is the reason why we work to give the best possible service and create a warm and pleasant environment, even more private and cosy when the sun goes down. Naturally, due to the French roots of our restaurant, we also have an excellent selection of wines available so that you can choose the one that best matches your meal at the Bistrot. In addition, we have other spaces such as the Zinc Bar or "La Terrassa" (the terrace) that will make your lunch or dinner even better.

In the Zinc Bar you can enjoy a cocktail or any drink accompanied by good music at the end of your dinner. You will feel that time stops, or at least you will want it. La Terrassa is the ideal choice when the weather is nice in Barcelona. It is an intimate space, pleasant and quiet, perfect for a coffee or a drink before or after lunch, and it is also the right place to disconnect from the rush of the city.

As you can see, at Villa Emilia we put the quality ingredients, the service and the great atmosphere; you just have to bring good company and your meal will be a fantastic experience.


Advantages of booking with us

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