There are certainly many hotels where you can feel at home. With a quiet, pleasant atmosphere and exquisite service... but there are very few places which feel "just like home, without the like".
This is the great difference of the Hotel Villa Emilia: a very personal idea from Katja and Antoine who, since 2007, have welcomed their guests with the same love and dedication right from the very first day and, on many occasions, those guests have become true friends.
Villa Emilia Bistrot
Villa Emilia Katja & Antoine

Because truly, being at the Hotel
Villa Emilia is

Feeling just like home,
without the like.
Villa Emilia

Having high-
speed internet

without worrying about your megabytes.

Having a leisurely look
through the day's press

without having to buy it.

Villa Emilia

Eating fresh, local produce every day without having to go to the market

Villa Emilia La Terrassa

Enjoying a calm, relaxing atmosphere without missing out on a friendly conversation; even your after-dinner chats can go on as long as you want, with no time limits...

Have the pleasure of enjoying a drink on "La Terrassa" without having to glance at your watch, or ask for a bicycle to take a ride around the city...
Everything you would do at home; you can do at the Hotel Villa Emilia.

That is really when you appreciate the kindness of an attentive and efficient service, one that is warm and friendly as well, when you feel that you don't have to make an effort to enjoy your stay and where anything is possible... this is when you can say

Have a wonderful stay in your home.