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16 Nov 2021 08:08

Celebrate Christmas with us

Discover our Christmas menus

23 Sep 2021 10:55

Villa Emilia Virtual Tour

25 Aug 2020 08:05

A new beginning... and we are celebrating it with our latest news!

At last! Villa Emilia is finally joining this new beginning. We can now officially inform you that we will reopen our doors on Monday 7 September, 2020.

06 Jul 2020 06:41

Measures at Villa Emilia to reduce the hygiene and health risks posed by COVID-19

We take care of you and we take care of ourselves through a strict cleaning and disinfection protocol throughout Villa Emilia and protection measures for all staff. These are our measures.

25 Mar 2020 07:47

An unprecedented situation

Together with the rest of the world, we at Villa Emilia are doing everything possible in our power to adapt to this unprecedented situation that has affected our daily lives.

09 Mar 2020 16:14

Anna Luna returns with force accompanied by Roger Sabartés

We will host Fabrizio Paparello's show (Tuesday, 8pm) and the duo formed by Anna Luna and Roger Sabartés (Thursday, 8pm)

07 Mar 2020 00:21

Vermouth, a way of life on the Villa Emilia terrace

Its “vermouth time”, a well-established Catalan tradition which can now be enjoyed on the terrace of the Villa Emilia. We inaugurate the season with the Sunday vermouth!

06 Mar 2020 14:11

Beauty is found within

We’ve been announcing it for a while... At Villa Emilia we have ushered in the new decade with a fresh start. An interior renovation that portrays how we show ourselves to the outside world.

06 Mar 2020 00:02

Celebrate… at any time and for any reason

There are moments in life when you just feel like being surrounded by the best company and celebrating... Be it an anniversary, a promotion, a reunion, births, a trip, falling in love or even a breakup; any excuse is a good one for bringing together those who know how to appreciate the good things in life.

05 Mar 2020 20:00

Live music with Hugo Arán, Mone and Al... ¡Enjoy the Show!

Don't miss the performances of Hugo Arán (Thursday) and the duo "Mother&Son" with Mone and Al (Saturday).

07 Feb 2020 09:41

The Barcelona Marathon: a toast to perseverance

More than 17,000 people. 42 kilometres. The Barcelona Marathon, one of the most attractive in Europe due to its route full of culture and beauty, is increasing in popularity year by year. At Villa Emilia we like to be on the side of those who persevere each day, and a marathon is the ultimate challenge. From our humble abode we send the very best of energies to all the participants!

07 Feb 2020 09:34

Love is in the air

Maybe you’re not the kind of person who falls in love. Or maybe you are. Either way, February is the month of love and we believe that any excuse is a good one to celebrate. Because the world is crying out for it and at Villa Emilia we want to join the tide of passion.

07 Feb 2020 01:20

You still have time: plan your year!

The first month of the year has gone by and we’ve hardly noticed it. January has vanished in a flash and there are lots of companies taken by surprise by February that haven’t planned all their strategies. But second chances may be the best ones.

23 Jan 2020 18:41

The secret of artisan bread

There are few sensations as widespread throughout the world as that of enjoying, especially in the early morning, the crunch of freshly-baked bread with the authentic flavour provided by artisan ovens and the traditional production process of making the sourdough.

23 Dec 2019 18:26

We are beginning the decade with a festival of flavours

At Villa Emilia we’d like to make things easy for you; on 1st January we’ll open the doors of our Bistro to enable you to start off the year with a top-class menu and a day without rushing around. Because we believe that the first day of the year will to a large extent set the stage for the other 364 days.

20 Dec 2019 11:12

From Amsterdam to London via Scandinavia

Imagine travelling to London and Amsterdam via Scandinavia, in one morning and without leaving Barcelona. Imagine returning home with a select collection of unique pieces made by hand by local artisans who dedicate the utmost care to every little thing they make.

18 Dec 2019 18:50

Christmas with style: the flow between Villa Emilia and Introfusión

It was love at first sight for them. But far from it being a mere passing crush, their story currently resembles that of couples who share tastes and styles and understand each other just with a look.

12 Nov 2019 10:56

Passion for cava

You have to go back in history as far as 1836 to discover when wine began to form part of the Forns Raventós family. Without interruption, since 1954, when they became Cava producers, the family have tended to each vintage with the utmost care. The sparkling experience of tasting it is provided at Villa Emilia’s tables.

11 Nov 2019 00:38

A date with Gin

Imagine the scene. A cosy environment in the heart of the city, with music that encourages good conversation. A glass of the finest gin and a delicacy for the mouth to savour. This is our suggestion for a meeting after work or at the weekend. This season, Villa Emilia’s bistro will make it easy to unwind.

09 Nov 2019 11:47

The chic touch of a Bistrot

Barcelona is full of hot spots for the best cuisine. But the number goes down when you specify the requirements for an ideal dinner: a chic setting, music that isn’t too shrill, market cuisine and fresh produce. If you also opt for the centre of Barcelona, we provide that little bit extra.

03 Nov 2019 11:34

November: the countdown begins

November is the countdown month. The upcoming Christmas holidays cause many companies to add up their annual results and get ready to celebrate an excellent year, and even if those results haven’t been quite as good as expected, it’s always a good idea to celebrate the hard work done.

24 Oct 2019 07:06

New season: brunch returns to Villa Emilia

It appears to have been the British who introduced the concept of “brunch” back in the late 1800s, a mixture of breakfast and lunch for stragglers who liked having a lie-in at the weekend and calmly enjoying a late breakfast or an early lunch.

23 Oct 2019 19:33

48 Open House: Barcelona uncovered

We're not telling you anything you don’t already know: Barcelona is a city that doesn’t conceal its charms. Much of its fame is due to its culture, gastronomy and natural environment and, above all, its architectural and urban beauty. And it proudly displays the above beyond the city, in all its versions.

23 Oct 2019 07:19

Business dinners: beyond the professional field

Your daily work can generate healthy relationships, but it isn’t always easy to break down barriers to get to know the person who’s sharing the work with you.

16 Oct 2019 15:01

The news from Villa Emilia: we are upgrading, both inside and outside

We’re among those who believe that you have to change to keep on growing. And we’re excited to see how Villa Emilia has expanded and evolved over more than ten years.

13 Nov 2018 13:55

Happy holidays with
Villa Emilia

Christmas in Barcelona is time for celebrations, gifts, carols and, of course, meals and dinners in family and work colleagues.

12 Sep 2018 16:00

Getaways from Barcelona

It is a fact that visiting Barcelona means visiting a city that will always offer something to do and something to see. But it's also possible that you want to go a little further during your stay and visit other cities, small towns or nearby natural areas, especially if you are here for several days or if you are not that much into big cities.

22 Aug 2018 09:46

How to deal with post-vacation blues

Ah, the holidays... so longed for before they arrive and so hard to finish. We are already in the second half of August and it is likely that many of you have already returned from vacation or that you are about to do so.

08 Nov 2017 10:00

Hotel Villa Emilia

Nous sommes desolés, mais le contenu de cette page n’est pas disponible en français. Ici vous pouvez la lire en version anglaise.

11 Oct 2017 15:45

Statement from Villa Emilia

From Hotel Villa Emilia we want to transmit a message of tranquillity to all our guests and to all those who plan to visit Barcelona and Catalonia in the coming days or weeks.


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